South Austin Barber Shop

Print & Web Design

My relationship with South Austin Barber Shop began with a quality haircut. The shop was undergoing changes and needed promotion to attract more customers. The first project was to create a menu of services poster. Next, I was asked to redesign their website and create a flyer. My goal was to give the shop a modern and refined look.

Year 1

  • 16k total visits

  • 300 visits 1st month

  • 2,800k visits last month

Year 2

  • 165% increase in total visits

  • 44k yearly

  • 3,600 monthly

Year 3

  • 7% increase in total visits

  • 47k yearly

  • 3,900 monthly

Year 4

  • Projected 40% yearly increase

  • 50k+ yearly

  • 4,100+ monthly

Menu of Services




Previous Design

Previous Design

Final Design

Final Design